Completion of work on the Wisee
web prototype project

Over the last two months we have been working intensively on the Wisee platform prototype. One of the tasks of the prototype is to present the functionality of the Wisee web.


X eCommerce Fair (Targi eHandlu) – second
official presentation of the Wisee tag for
the general public

During the X edition of the eCommerce Fair on 6 April, 2016, at the International Congress Centre (ICC) in Katowice, we presented the concept of the functioning of the Wisee tag (Tagmax).

In addition to the functionality of these innovative tools, we presented examples of using the Wisee tag (Tagmax) based on practical case studies. The presentation was met with great interest among e-shop representatives, e-commerce distributors, large and small businesses, as well as among sellers, potentially already using Wisee tag (Tagmax) as a sales channel. Great interest also came from companies who see a great tool for placement of their products in promotional films in Wisee tag (Tagmax).


Marketing to Millennials fair – the first
presentation of Wisee tag

We presented Wisee tag (Tagmax) for the first time on February 24 to a quite demanding auditorium.

The Marketing to Millennials Conference is the place where big brands and popular channels analyze new trends in media consumption. These are people who hold an ongoing lively discussion on the shape of Content – choice of language and content in communication with Millenials. Finally, it is the presentation of communication channels – such as new meeting places and opportunities to reach Millenials with content.

During the discussion and analysis of specific ways to reach them, it was pointed out that messages which are primarily based on emotions, authenticity, humour and applicability of the information have a chance of hitting recipients.

Participation in the conference showed that the concept of Wisee tag (Tagmax) met the expectations of the participants. It is appreciated that the solution appropriately presents the content – a product that you can buy – that the viewer decides if and when he or she views the product “advert” and activates tagging at any convenient time. During the meetings with conference, participants had a chance for a full presentation of solutions which aroused keen interest of companies in the telecommunications, banking, FMCG and clothing sectors. We are now at the stage of continuing discussions with customers.


The Wisee project has obtained patent
protection in the United States


The Wisee project has been included under
patent protection in Japan


Attracting a strategic partner to support
development projects

Acquiring the GTF FIZAN strategic investor – investment fund – which invests in industries and companies provides a high rate of return in sectors such as new technologies, multimedia, real estate, transport, and biotechnology.